Todays Bike Ride

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Published on: September 25, 2005

I went on the bike ride I was working on getting together. I had only one person show up. It was still fun even though there were not many that showed up. But it did make it easier to get things together since both of us were hams and we were able to make contact via the radio before we saw each other.

  1. Rob says:


    Given that today was the Great Race, and there were a number of Pittsburgh amateur radio operators working the race (I saw quite a few!), and given that a good number were running, it’s no wonder you didn’t get many. YOu’ll do better next time! Maybe I can make it, especially if you choose something flat.

    There’s a number of blogger cyclists, too!

  2. I know, but when I first came up with the idea, I did not know that Sunday was the Great Race. I will have to plan another one in the future. I would love it if you could make the next one, I probably should do more planning, I only did 1 week of planning for this one, maybe I should work for a month on it. I probably will not do another one this year, maybe next year in the spring. Or do you think there is still time to do one this year, it would end up in Nov since I should take October to plan it. Also if you want, I could really use some help planning it. But yesterday was still fun. But I would like to get about 10 or more people so that while biking we can play on simplex.

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