The Short Wave bands seem to be active as of late

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Published on: September 26, 2005

I was tuning around the Short Wave Radio band tonight, and there seems to be more active now then it has been for a while. I wonder exactly what is causing the upsurge in activity tonight. It is nice to have more stations to listen to. They are coming very nicely, I am still having some signal strength problems, but I think the main problems for me on that are that one I am inside the city, and two that I have the antenna in my apartment, both of those are not very conducive to receiving radio signals. I do try to compensate for the disadvantages I have there by having a very long antenna in my apartment, I have about 450 feet of wire wrapped around my apartment to compensate for the fact that I am in the city and have the antenna in my apartment.

And for those of you who are into the creative commons copyright, it looks like Radio China will be doing an article on it in the near future. The freq is somewhere between 9.2 and 9.8Mhz. Sorry that I can not be more exact with the freq, but I am using an older radio where the marker is a little bit off, and the bandspread is not dead on the freq and its marker is a little bit off too. It is about 500Khz off when the bandspread is set to 0, but it does change as you raise the bandspread is at about 90, I am trying to adjust for the bandspread missaliment here (it reads about 20 but to the best guess I can come to is that the aliment is about 70 off) And for the freq marker it is readding ~9.1Mhz. so I would guess about 9.69Mhz or about there somewhere.

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