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Published on: September 27, 2005

Take a look at the new home page and hit the back button to get here to let me know what you think of it. I know it is not much, but I think it looks good, but of course I am not an artistic person so I don’t know. So some feed back on the new intro page would be helpful. Any thing you think I should add to it? Anything I should remove? Don’t like the colors of the page? Anything please let me know I will take all advice and at lest think about it.

  1. Sascha J. says:

    Hey there, this is “Hijacker” from the bblog forums 🙂

    Well, I like the layout. It’s nothing thrilling, but it serves it’s needs 🙂

    Just two things I’d change:
    a) Probably look for a better alignment of the two pictures and the text. The way it is now, it looks a little… Thrown together.
    You could look, if you find better positions for the pictures.
    b) You took the pictures in their original size, inserted them into the HTML website, and just made them smaller with the HTML width=”xxx” and height=”xxx” tags.
    That’s bad practice actually.
    This way the browser just renders the picture smaller, than it originally is. But it *STILL* transfers the original filesize, so any modem user needs to unnecessarily wait longer for the page/picture to load, because the browser just shrinked the size image, but actually it has got the original size. You can check this by doing a right click on the picture(s) -> View Image (in Firefox). Then you’ll see that it’s actually bigger.
    So, after a lot of blabla: It would be better to reduce the image in size with some image editing program (IrfanView, PhotoShop, etc…) and upload it as a smaller version, to save bandwith.

    But except for those things, the page looks nice 🙂

  2. Hi Hijacker. Thanks for the info. I did reduce the pictures a bit, The original sizes were 2x the current size, I just did a little bit of adjustment with the html, but maybe I should get them a bit closer. I do not want to get the exact size set until I get the new front page fully set. I am thinking maybe I should set the pictures with tables, but not sure. But I am still working on the front page. Thanks for the advice, and I will take it.

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