The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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Published on: September 3, 2005

Well I heard that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has passed way. That is sad news, and not what we need at this time with the disaster in New Orleans. My condolences go out to the Rehnquist’s family. We have been hit with some bad news as of late, the devistating news of New Orleans and now the Chief Justice has passed from this valley of tears.

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  1. Max Rossin says:

    Well, it was all Pat Roberts’ fault. He asked god to kill William Rehnquist – the bigoted idiot. I think the Democrats are playing it in a very interesting way. You’ll notice that the Democrats that matter (ones on the Judicial committee) haven’t bashed Roberts, not really. It’s all those left wing groups that have been bashing him… alongside right wing groups defending him. I personally think he’s the same quality SOB like most of the other people Bush has appointed, but it doesn’t matter. So what if he’s a lil more conservative than O’Connor. Nobody is more right wing nut job than Rehnquist, cept maybe Scalia, and I doubt anybody from the Democrats would ever appoint someone as bad. So, the decision is perfect, they’ll let Roberts in and another person may be slightly more conservative. Net sum gain however will be more centrist overall. I see both left extremists and right extremists like the nazi idiots they are. I favor a centrist approach because most of America is around 40-60% in the middle.

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