Some thoughts on some TV shows

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Published on: September 29, 2005

First I just want to put out a plug for a new show on the WB that I found and like it is called “supernatural” it is a good show

Next I want to make a few comments on episode of “Start Gate SG1” in the episode that I want to comment on the basic premise is that 2 people from an alternate universe come though some device into another one (the current one in the show) They have the SG-1 group (well part of it) go back to the alternate universe that the 2 are from original to help defeat the Jafar of the alternate universe. Also they went on to say that they could not dial the gate for the alternative universe like they could dial the Star Gate. And that they had to find it. Maybe I was thinking about the episode to much, but if you had to find it, by looking into the gate type thing to see if it was the right one or not, how could they be sure that it was the right one, or not one that was “right next to” the right one were everything was the same except some miner detail? The other question I would have is if you could alter the out come of another alternate universe, I question is that a wise, could not cross contaminating different realities mess the multiverse up. also for more on what a multiverse vs. a universe is check out string theory, string theory at this time demands that there be a multiverse out there, and that we only exist in one of the many possible universe (also see quantum theory it touches on it a bit but not as much as string theory does). I will admit that I am over analyzing a TV show, but that is just the way I can be sometimes.

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