Pictures of my newest Betta

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Published on: September 16, 2005

Last week I got a 4th Betta. I named him Marconi. He is red with some blue in him. I have taken some pictures of him, you can not see the blue in the pictures but it is there.

I also go a new tank, that I would like to setup for a female Betta in the future. But for now the wounded tetra is in there recovering from his wound. So I have to put the plans of getting a female Betta on hold for now. He seems to be doing fine, he is swimming around more.

The one thing I am worried about is the tetra does not seem to be as afraid of me as he was before, and I don’t think that is good, maybe I am wrong but I think that the smaller fish should be a bit timid about their owners, I don’t see anything I can do that will change things if he learns that I am not a threat, I guess I will have one tetra that will not swim away in fear when I approach the tank, oh well.

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