My web site is again under attack by the spammers (again)

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Published on: September 5, 2005

I have deleted about 100 spam posts so far from my blog; I am blocking every IP address that is used to spam my site. I hope that maybe some day that I will block so many IP address it will be too much trouble, in the form of cost, to bother to try to spam my site. I have new IP address banned on site now.
Here is a list of all the IP address I have banned from site as of now.
  1. Braden says:

    Captcha works wonders for protecting against spam. I don’t know much about pblog, but you may want to look into a way to introduce captcha into your comment system. It works well on my blog.

  2. Well the spam is not coming though the comments but the trackbacks. I am wondering does any one really use trackbacks? I have never gotten a real trackback, I could kill the spam I have been getting for the last few months by moving (or deleteing) the file trackback.php.

  3. Braden says:

    I rarely ever use track backs. I’d delete the file and see what happens. On my own blog I also don’t use referals and I’ve disabled the ability to save them

  4. Well I “solved” the problem. The problem is they are trying to use my blog to get a higher page rank in google; I do not want to be a party to that. So I figured out how to have trackbacks go into the moderation pool instead of default be displayed, so now they will not get the benefit of their spam, problem “solved” And I still get their IP’s so I can ban them so they can not try it in the future.

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