More ShortWave radio audio

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Published on: September 8, 2005

I have finally gotten around to recording the news off of the short wave radio. It has 3 sections separated by “white space” (aka silence) The first audio in the file is from Radio Vietnam, the next section is China Radio International (with just under it, on the same freq some evangelical shouting something about the Bible, I don’t really listen to the evangelicals on short wave radio, since most of them are nuts, and hold to heretical positions.) The third part is again China Radio International, I got tired of the under noise, so I started to tune around a bit more, and found CRI on a different freq that did not have the noise underneath it. I hope to get more later from the Western World to put up, tonight I was just getting Asia, still a good listen, but I was having a bit of trouble pulling it in.

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