It is finally fully correct (my info in the FCC database)

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Published on: September 16, 2005

I just check the FCC website. And now my name is correct, and so is my address. Finally it is all update to the correct information. The time is now about 2:00am EST (11:00pm PST, the time zone that this server is set too) so in a few hours qrz will have my call sign information updated from the FCC’s database and it should then be correct there too, I just looked over at the ARRL’s web site and they still l have the data from yesterday, but they should be updated soon. I wonder what the FCC is thinking now that the info on my info has been changed 3 times in as many days. In about a week I should finally get a print out of the new updated license in the mail. The usually send out a paper that has 2 copies of the license on it, one for a wallet and one that can be framed, this time I will be framing it and hang it near all my radios. And the wallet one I will probably just laminate before I put it in my wallet.

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