A note about the “potty note” as the liberal blogs has dub it

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Published on: September 15, 2005

Yesterday the liberal blogs were all over the small note that Bush penned to his secretary of state. To that I say big deal, the only thing that this picture shows me is that there was an over zealous phototagrapher, a media group that wants to try to discredit Bush at any cost, and a lot of people that just plain hate Bush and will leach onto even a none-story to attack Bush. All Bush was doing was informing his Secretary of State that if he gets up and leaves for a bit that is where he will be and he should be back shortly. I don’t know about the liberals out there, but I have in long meetings penned similar notes for the reason that I have stated above. So to all this brouhaha about this note is just pointless and just show how low some people will sink just to attack Bush. I am sure Clinton penned such notes, big deal. I am sure that UN meetting can be long (3+ hours) and we all do have bodies that have needs that do need to be taken care of at some time.

1 Comment
  1. Max Rossin says:

    I agree, but republicans and right wing groups did the same to clinton when hillary was involved more than other first ladies (‘first female president’) and all the monica stuff, like any woman near him must be blowing him. Same thing for all presidents and both sides do it. I do think it’s more polarized now than before, so perhaps bush is getting more of the flack (both extremist sides have been stoking the fires). He does deserve a lot of blame for things he did, like the other screwups of all other presidents. I’m happy that he finally took responsibility for something… took him 4 years and 2 days to say it.

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