What a night

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Published on: August 20, 2005

Well tonight there was an interesting night. At around 5:30 the weather service got on the air looking for some one to take the net. For a few minutes no one responds. So after about 5 minutes, I decide that if no one is going to do it, I might as well do it. That was at about 5:30pm. The net went till about 7:40pm. There were about 20 people that checked in and gave reports. I ended up taking about 6 pages of notes.

There was not much of the bad weather in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh; I did hear some reports that were very close where they were getting hail. But all in all it was an interesting night.

1 Comment
  1. KB3IBY says:

    What a light show I got to watch last night. The lightning was all around us, but many many miles away. I sat in my backroom, and just took it all in. Had the HT on just in case, but no SkyWarn was activated in Waynesburg, Greene County. There was a lot of action from Washington, and Westmoreland though. They must have been the source of all the lightning I watched last night.
    Well, it’s supposed to be beautiful today. I think I’ll take a nice long bike ride. Maybe down to the W. Virginia border, and back.

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