Short wave radio

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Published on: August 15, 2005

I finally got the wire I needed to put together the antenna for my short wave radio. I got 100 feet of speaker wire. I divided down the middle to get 200 feet of wire. I wrap it around the apartment; I almost made a full loop around the apartment. I turned it on I did not think I would get much since the sun is still up here. But I am suppressed that I picked up a station from Europe already. The station I am getting right now is Radio Sweden (I am wondering why they are broadcasting in English instead of Swedish, but I know it is Radio Sweden since they ID’ed), it at about 9.91 to about 9.93. I can not give an exact freq since the radio has a analog dial, it is an old Lafayette HA-63. I can not want till night to see the stations I can pull in. In my last apartment I had the limitation that there were 7 floors above me. In the place I am now I am on the top floor so there is no one above me, so I should get better reception. In my old home I could get as far away as Australia, I am now wondering how much I can get now.

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