PETA hypocrisy

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Published on: August 27, 2005

It looks like the so called animal rights group PETA real kill animals. The same group that thinks that animals are more important then humans. Right now I am listing to the 3rd hour of Issues Etc, From August 25 2005 They have as a guest on the person that does the PETA kills ( you will have to skip to 1/2 though the mp3 to get to the part about PETA). He is going over some of the things that Peta does, aparently they protest Churches, Synogogs and Moscs. When one church tried to get a restraining order on Peta, because the people that in that congregation did not like being harassed every Sunday, trying to keep Peta out of their church, Peta claimed that the church did not have the right to keep them out of the churches private property, and then sued the church. More info on PETA

3rd hour of Issues Etc, From August 25 2005
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