I love the nutes on Short Wave Radio, do people really belive this stuff?

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Published on: August 31, 2005

Tonight I was listing to the Short Wave radio and I was picking up a radio show called Coast to Coast AM. They have some guy on that is claiming that the Russian government causes the hurricanes. He claims that Ivan, and Katrina were caused by them, part of his proof is that they have Russian names (never mind that the names were picked 6 years ago). He is also claiming that the technology can turn on and off hurricane at will. The nutes that are out there are just to funny. He keeps talking about “they”. Yes those “they” that are always behind all crazy conspiracy theories. He is claiming that they are “hyper-dimensional” What ever that means. I should turn of the receiver, before I split a side open, my side hurts now from laughing so hard. Also they are talking about the USSR, some one should let them know that the USSR fell in 1998.

Hay now is it my time to put out my own conspiracy theory? Well here it is, the people on short wave are trying to kill me by making me laugh myself to death 😉

1 Comment
  1. Max Rossin says:

    ever since I started wearing that foil hat, I’ve been nut-free.

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