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Published on: August 2, 2005

Is it me or are ads getting louder and more obtrusive. The new Burger King commercial is one of the most annoying one TV. And now they idiots who make ads now have talking ads. The person who thought of that should be shot. And TV commercials are getting to be a pain; you have to turn the TV on mute because the commercials are 3 to 4 times louder then the TV show you are watching. I fear that the ads are going get more intrusive, now that people are working on technology to filter out ads. TiVo has the ability skip commercials. Popup ads are now blocked by the web browsers them self’s. They are working on better spam filters. I fear the day where they have people come to your door just to force ads into your face.

  1. Max Rossin says:

    Actually, I think that’s how many ads started – door to door salesmen. It’s very annoying and I heard that Tivo is going to put some ads into its service (it hasn’t made a profit ever!). Here’s something interesting though. Doubleclick keeps detailed records on what people click and it owns most ads (like ClearChannel and physical billboards). If you click on its ad, next ad you see will be relevant to the previous ad you clicked on, even if you’re on a completely different website. One day it’ll have a database of records matching names, physical addresses, and browsing habits. Then it’ll be rich because it’ll precisely target most of the planet and sell that information to the highest bidder. In all honesty, there is only one good way to stop most of the ads – stop buying stuff from them. That spam you’re getting? it pays for itself if only one person buys it. The junk mail? same thing. TV ads? they work, you’ll note that a lot of popular websites have addresses like, meaning they track how many people visit from viewing commercials. I bet promotion codes will be used in commercials for special deals, so companies can track how successful their money is being spent. Still, TV ad revenue is on the decline because people are going online more, which is great, considering we have more say about what we download than what is viewed on TV.

  2. simdan says:

    What exactly do you mean by “talking ads”?

  3. What I mean is you go to a web site, and one of the banner ads downloads and plays some guy giving some sales pitch.

  4. Max Rossin says:

    Reminds me of a cartoon I saw somewhere. It’s about a bunch of people in an office and all of a sudden, one of the computers says “Welcome to the first ever porn site with sound!”. What annoys me more are websites like – good place to find coding tips, but they have a div’ed popup that you have to click on, now THOSE are the new generation of popups.

  5. simdan says:

    Ah yes, quite annoying.

  6. Thanks for the tip. I do not go to sites that require me to interact with the ads. So I now know that if I ever do a google search for programming stuff and that site comes up, I know now to not go there.

    But a good site for info is It is a great STL resource.

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