Windows the king of security

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Published on: July 2, 2005

My work laptop just got rebuilt 2 weeks ago at help desk where I work. Well I got an email yesterday that the laptop was hacked into, again; this is the second time this year. CMU will not put a firewall up because it would be an invasion of free speech. I am getting sick of the computer getting hacked into. I wish we would make computer “hacking” a federal crime at the level of a felony. I am going to go get a fire wall take it to my cub on the next work day, hard set the IP as one of my old computers, and protect my own computers at work, I am getting sick of all the hacking being done on the computers there, and as long as I HAVE to use windows I will have to take real steps to protect it, since MS can not make a 1/10 of a secure system. Well another day, another windows problem. And people wonder why I don’t trust my own data to winblows, well the lack of security is the major issue. The stupid laptop was rebuilt because the OS was f*ed up and crashing all the time at the begining of the month, now it has to be rebuilt because the system is a POS.

  1. Max Rossin says:

    careful there. Laws are very explicit in their definitions and ‘hacker’ has many definitions. One of those definitions could be used to make a link between a hacker and a terrorist. You wouldn’t want to go to Gitmo indefinitely with no rights because you typed a few keys, do you? =]

  2. Well most cyber crime define the crime as willful and knowingly. So for a few wrong key strocks I don’t think it is willful and knowingly. Of cource you would have to prove it is a mistake.

  3. Max Rossin says:

    yes, it would be tough. When I was first learning pointers (back in windblows 3.1), I had an accidental memory leak that turned all the blue bar that’s on all windows windows to become green, go fig!

    Still, politicians don’t know anything about computers. The judge presiding over the microsoft monopoly trial didn’t know what a web browser was.

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