Let’s see what happens on this eBay auction

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Published on: July 19, 2005

Thought I would have some fun see if any one would buy ad space on the back of a bike bag, so to find out I figured I would put one up to see what happens. I figure it could be a nice way to get a little extra cash, but mostly I want to see if any one would like to place an add on the back of a cyclist. I placed the ad tonight, and have it set for 7 days, and opened the bid at $25. One thing I did do is I put the auction on pre-approved bid status only for now, I figure I do not want to get caught in a position where I have to wear an ad I would not feel comfortable wearing, or a morally objected ad, so I listed that they have to mail me the proposed ad first for my approval and if I approve of the ad I will add them to the approved bidder list.

You can see the ebay auction here I know, I know this is shameless but hay it could be fun to see if any one wants to bid on it. Come on some companies bid on having an ad for them to be temporary tattooed on some guys head Come on it can be a fun experiment, and it is only for 1 week.

  1. Rob says:


    You need some photographs on the eBay site. Since you already host the photos on the web, it shouldn’t be hard.

    The rights to advertising on your backpack are much harder to sell the way you have it.

    Get a shot of you on the bike with a “Your ad here” in the correct size on the backpack and then one with a zoom in so that you can read the “Your ad here.”

    One other thing: you should guarantee 7 days of cycling. If someone bids and then you get sick and can’t cycle, that’s not fair.

    Good luck. I’m even tempted, though I have no idea what I’d put up.

  2. Good idea Rob, I think I will add a picture as you said, also that is a good idea of guaranteeing so many days, so if I do get sick I will just wear a day longer, maybe I will along with guaranteeing so many days, I will guarantee so many hours. I will have to add that stuff tonight when I get home.

  3. kb3iby says:

    What a great experiment you have come up with there Mike. Good luck on the auction.

  4. Thanks, we will see what happens in about 6 days. I will probably blog about it, when it finishes.

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