Bumper stickers

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Published on: July 15, 2005

I been temped to get a pro-life bumper sticker for my bike bag, but I have not done so yet. Here is the reason I have not done it as of yet. When I use to have a car I have had cases where people would try to run me off the road, yelling at me about the bumper sticker and how I did not deserve to live. Well my fear is if I had one of these bumper stickers on my bike bag while I am biking that one of those pro-abortionists saw it they might just run me over.

1 Comment
  1. Max Rossin says:

    Sorry, didn’t even see this post. Although you’re entitled to your beliefs, even if they are not shared by most people, there will always be jerks on both sides trying to physically intimidate the other. Sorry it has happened to you and I agree with your decision – it’s easier to get really hurt and killed on a bike.

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