Paperless office, ya right

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Published on: June 1, 2005

I remember hearing a lot about the “paperless office” back in the 90’s, and today I don’t here much about it anymore. I think people have realized that computers have not cut down the number of pages used, but rather increased the number of pages consumed. I know for myself when I do my programming it is easier to print out all the pages for every thing I will need and have it near by, to do what I do with paper I would need about 7 monitors to get all that I like to look at in front of me, and paper is easier on the eyes, I am so glad the push for the “paperless office” seams to have died.

  1. Max Rossin says:

    Agreed. But then, it ties into a more grand thought: the more technology we acquire that’s supposed to make our lives easier, the harder our lives actually become. I am often jealous of the jungle people. They learn all they need to know by the time they’re 3 or 4. I saw a video of a young child that has a huge hatchet, chopping up a coconut. He’s been trained how to use it and does it perfectly. Imagine the gasps and lawsuits filed if that were to happen here. How do you explain that it takes us at least a quarter of our lives to learn everything we need to know – and with this bad economy, we sometimes need to start over when half of our lives are over! And *we’re* the civilized ones. Sometimes, I wish we killed whoever invented the wheel. Then again, I’d probably be tapping binary on a stone tablet somewhere… but at least I’d be happy… Think about it, no more politics, no cars, no rent/mortgage, no government, no wars, no lies, no organized crime/religion (redundant phrase in my view)! Nice little village in the middle of nowhere. Ignorance truly is bliss.

  2. Jungle people do have religion, and the Jewish people (along with christians) will tell you that before the Iserialts had a nation, they did have a religion, remember the 40 years in the desert, or before the egyption enslavement. I would say if you have any friends that are Jewish ask them about the time before the egyption captivity.

  3. Max Rossin says:

    I said organized religion, not religion by itself. You know the type – the one that always seems to want money, have sex with altar boys, preach hatred (gays), and justify wars (past?). That type =] Agreed though, religion is the second business ever established, #1 being prostitution. Still doesn’t make my point invalid – people living in remote villages, ones with religion, live much simpler and happier lives. Their religions tend to be simple: few customs and dances, but mostly treat others with respect and get along with nature. Not wear silly hats or cut off part of your body, or go to a building on a magical day.

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