The Secret of Nimh

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Published on: May 4, 2005

This is just scary, a movie that my sister loved as a youth, is now looking less like fiction and more like perverted experiments. The one line that a friend of mine said was odd was “immediately killing any that display human-like behavior” and then he proceed to ask “what exactly would be considered human-like behavior” All I can say is that the researchers are not themselves showing human like behavior, I just get the image of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab when I read reports like this.

  1. Max Rossin says:

    First off, you really should stop getting your news from conservative-only (or liberal-only) websites. Both sides tend make things worse (or better) than they appear. Secondly, while I agree that technology is overpacing ethics, I’m far more concerned in the current spy technologies and laws aimed at watching americans (patriot act) than any genetic manipulation that may take affect in a few years. Why no moral outrage from the right? Moving on… Thirdly, while I disagree with this particular area of research, I am in favor of animal testing for treatment of human diseases long term. After all, thats how we have heart transplants and a plethora of other cures. This coming from me, a person that believes human life is infinitely more sacred than non-human. I’m a bigot that way =] Forthly, I like how they stuck “stem cells” in there, just another key word they don’t understand to provoke anger towards that field of research. I sat on several medical meetings that talked facts about it and haven’t heard of any meaningful remarks against stem-cell research. Medical research, like all new technology, should be very carefully handled and come under strict guidelines and ethics, not because it’s cool or the flavor of the month, even if it slows down invention. That much many of us can agree on. Rash decisions, such as the patriot act, only lead to disaster and destruction of society as a whole… still no outrage though, from anyone… really sad about that…

  2. 2 things, 1 you made the point I though I was tring to make “technology is overpacing ethics” second, when I talk against stem cells I don’t mean all stem cells I am against ESCR not ASCR (e = emboronic, A = adult, and SCR = stem cell resurch)

  3. Max Rossin says:

    You know, not all my posts are direct opposites to your views – I was agreeing with you. Stem cells were just a generalization from most conservatives I read about.

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