The City is cracking down on scalpers

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Published on: May 13, 2005

The City of Pittsburgh is limiting scalpers to a limited area, I think this is a good start, but I believe that the city should make scalping illegal; my opinion is that scalpers are the scum of the earth. They try to buy up all available tickets then try to sell them for more then the face value, as high as they can, it just like a loan shark.

  1. When you try to overpower the marketplace — you loose. Moreover, it isn’t only the bully that looses, everyone does.

    The city’s leaders have little respect for the marketplace forces.

    To suggest that scalping be illegal takes the “scum of the earth” description away from others and puts it on the rule makers.

  2. There is the open market place and there is evil ways of making money, such a loan sharks, and scalpers and selling drugs, yes I classify the 3 as the same think.

    Can you imagine the child that hears of a concert that is coming up saves up his/her allowance for months to by tickets, and when he/she goes to get the tickets (the day they open) finds out that that they have been sold out (to scalpers) and she/he can not afford the new higher price that the scum place on them?

  3. Max Rossin says:

    you can’t eliminate scalping. they’ll buy the tickets like a regular person and sell them online, or not near the place…. If a guy is offering to sell tickets to me at a high price near the event, I’d say buyer beware! As far as evil ways of making money, you’re talking about the small stuff. Sure, drug dealers, loan sharks, blah blah blah. They get arrested and go to jail. What about Enron? Worldcom? What about those people that stole billions, leaving their previous employees broke. What is the punishment for that? What about all the billions made by defence companies after 9/11 or the iraq war? They’re profiting on killing people that have done nothing to us. That is “evil ways” of making money to me.

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