New Tank for my Betta

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Published on: May 17, 2005

I saw a nice 10 Gallon tank today in a store for about $10. and I thought my Betta (named Stroustrup) could like a new bigger home, right now he is in a 2.5 Gallon tank. I have gotten it home now, and filled it with rocks and water, tomorrow after I get home from work I will move some plants into it, and the rock from his current home, I will steal some plants from the main 20 Gallon community tank (that place is stating to get to many plants in it, as I clip the plants and replant the clippings) I will probably take some of the decorations out of the 20 Gallon tank to free up more room for plants as I continue to clip them in there. I will probably also move some of the clippings from the main tank to the new tank as I clip them in the future. I will have to get some aquarium fertilizer for the 10 Gallon tank since I will only keep just the Betta in it, with no other fishes.

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