I am getting sick and tired of the stupid (evil) spammers

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Published on: May 15, 2005

They say that in the next 5 years that the internet might die because of spam, well I am starting to think it might be sooner, I am getting so tired of all the spam, this last weekend I got well over 100+ spam messages all about some fake stock about to move, I guess it is time to lower the number of points that Spam assassin uses before it labels something as spam, right now it is at 6, I am thinking maybe I should drop it to 3. I am so close to just turning off all email that comes from addresses of people I don’t have in my address book. And yes I do say spammers are evil! And I say all spammers are stupid and evil.

  1. Max Rossin says:

    I’m detecting this unhealthy fascination with you (and actually a lot of conservatives) and the word “evil”. Any thoughts? Not bad, stupid, pointless, illegal, immoral (a conservative favorite), unethical (another one), but ‘evil’. Everything is evil. Any thoughts? =]

    I agree on the spam, though, in 5 years, we’ll have an opt-in-only policy. Basically, all emails are blocked unless you manually add them to your address book. Earthlink and a few others are doing this, it’s working out well. Besides, spammers are *ONLY* successful because people buy the things they sell, not because they just want to harass you. Same with junk mail. Except more and cheaper and a lil bit more dangerous than a paper cut.

  2. Well maybe it depends on how one uses the word evil, I uses it as if it is not morally good (right, proper) it must be morally bad (wrong ,improper, unethical), or (I would use) evil. Now if you use evil as in, satanic no I would not use the word evil where I have, I use it as the opposite of ethical, proper, right, etc. That is the problem with natural language; it is not a precise language. I can not speak for what other conservative’s think when they say evil, but I can say what I think, maybe you can suggest some other words that I can use, as you have already done.
    But I think you are right on the second point, that or we will have secured mail deliver, the main problem now is SMTP, it is to open.

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