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Published on: May 1, 2005

Small But Disorganized has an entry on a company SeaCode that wants to “anchoring a 600-cabin cruise ship off of California just outside the three-mile limit” so that they can “outsource” out side of the US, so they don’t have to pay US taxes. To me I would think that they found some way to be inside the letter of the law, but they are in gross violation of the spirit of the law. I would hope that before this company is alowed to continue with this idea, that the goverment might step in and put a stop to this. But this is just my opinion.

1 Comment
  1. Max Rossin says:

    Outsourcing is definitely a problem and it’s a part of a much wider global economics scale imbalance. If there are customers, there will always be product, however negative it is. Don’t forget that corporations are not countries. Countries care about their citizens, corporations care about shareholders. Corporations make money by exploiting people on both ends – production and sales. Unfortuantely, now a days, we’re going to wind up with people that can’t afford anything. This particular issue does violate the spirit of the law. However, laws are created in spirit, but enforced by letter. It’s sad really. We’re tying our own hands by creating these laws and redefining words. Did you know we redefined “person” several dozen times in the last century or so? With women, jews, blacks, asians, latino, gays, transgendered, etc, becoming more on the minds of the local population, it’s not surprizing. Btw, I’m not picking on any one group, I’m just mentioning that all those groups had significant “air time” in the media, especially women, blacks, jews, asians (suffrage, civil rights, WWII). So, instead of understanding the meaning when someone says “don’t discriminate against people”, they have to spell out and add “and by people, we mean…” … why? doesn’t everyone know what “people” are? Thats the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law. Sad really.

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