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Published on: April 21, 2005

My mind started to think about all the nicknames I have had in the past, for no real good reason. And since 95 I have only had 4, these would be either in real life (3 of them would count) and in virtual life (2 again would count there). They are: Crazy Mike; this one was in high school and was used in real life; Crazy Mike was a very short lived nick name I had, at first I did not like it but later I started to like it a bit; this one died when I graduated high school. Mpost4 that was in collage and only existed in the virtual world, this one did not fully die till the end of last year when I stopped reading Slashdot. This one came when I needed a name for /. but could not think of anything good, so I used my Pitt login for it, then I started to use it in more and more places online. I started to use it on my Linux box as a log in, I used it on many internet based BB’s so I count it as a semi-valid nickname because some people know me by that name. Mpop, first don’t ask to many questions on this one just believe me, I picked this one up in 2000 my last year at Pitt, this one has been used both in the virtual world and the real world (said m-pop) This one is still in use today, in fact 2 of my email address have it in it mpop at cs dot cmu dot edu and mpop at mikeoconnor dot net. And one I used for a few years in the Battle Tech league here in Pittsburgh was bug. I have one other nickname, but I don’t real count it as a nick name since it is only used for legal reasons, and when dealling with others at the times that it is needed, they also know my real name and for the most part will call me by my real name is KB3HCG and that is on the ham radio bands.

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