Liberal stupidity, Bush’s iPod

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Published on: April 12, 2005

Well it came out in some newspaper that Bush uses an iPod. In my option a non-story, who cares what music play the President uses. Yet I seen a lot of liberals on-line today say that 1) the iPod is not cool anymore 2) they will not use an iPod since Bush uses one. Come on you idiots those are stupid, for the following reason. 1) when does 1 person decide what is cool and what is not cool 2) are you going to base what you want on your hate for one person 3) Steve Jobs is an ultra-liberal, it does not mater what some one is, if a product is good it is good, you don’t see me saying I don’t want an iPod since I don’t like Steve Jobs political option? 4) A music play is not a political issue.

Yes I think it cool to see what Bush listens to music on, and what music it is, so I am glad that it the info is out there, it is also cool to see that he is a biker too, I just can hear the liberals scream about that one ;-).

Also I find it funny that the liberals are looking for political messages in the songs on Bush’s play list, I am glad they do not look at my play list, they would see contradictions all over the place, one song contradicting another song. Come people it is just music, when biking some times you just want the beat to bike to, some times you pick a song for the words.

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