Hollywood has lost touch

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Published on: April 26, 2005

There are some people out there that want cleaned up versions of movies that are out there (I am not one of those people, but maybe I would be if I had kids) and Hollywood is upset that parents now have technology that can make sure that the objectionable stuff in movies and TV shows. It looks like the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act, which a lot of pirates are scramming bloody murder about but all it does in that area is that it increases the penalty for pirating prerelease items, but this law also makes the DVD players that let people have the stuff edited out automatic fully legal, and protects the makers of such technology immune from MPAA legal attacks.

Free speak protects your right to say something, it does not force me to listen to you, if I want to listen I will listen if I don’t I can shut you out, and leave, or edit you out, I have taken flack from others on this site because I have not approved posts I do not approve of, in fact I will delete them, I usually delete mostly spam, but I have deleted some hate posts I have gotten from some self proclaimed liberals, I have maybe one liberal that posts here that I do not delete, but he does not make mindless attacks, of course he is also a friend so it probably will not just post insults with nothing else.

I personally don’t think I would get a DVD play that does this editing, but I am glad it is available for those that want it. I figure if I believe a move or TV show is overly obscene, then I will vote with my wallet and not watch or buy it, but of course I also watch and enjoy “South Park”

Finally I believe that this is a good law.

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