Exploding Toads? Science Can’t Solve All Our Probs?

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Published on: April 29, 2005

Pastor Stiegemeyer, a pastor here in Pittsburgh (LCMS) found an article about Frogs exploding. Exploding frogs, I wonder if we could use that on our war on terrorism. Better yet, could we cross bread them with the frogs that excrete the hallucinogenic drug. LOOK OUT IT AN EXPLOSIVE HULLUCINOGENIC FROG!!!!! Sorry I could not resist that last joke. But Pastor Stiegemeyer does bring up a good point, this does not fit into the “theory” of evolution, how does this fit into the mantra of “survival of the spices”

  1. MacZilla says:

    Speaking of exploding frogs. A week or so ago, they reported the same fenomena in Germany with toeds. Again, unexplicable.


  2. Exploding Toads? Now frogs, what next??

    I really wonder what the cause is; this does need to be researched.

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