USB jump drives

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Published on: March 16, 2005

I have to admit I like the USB jump drives that are coming out. At first I kind of resisted them because I was hoping that the SD cards and card readers would be what replaced floppy drives, but I am not blind and I can see that it is the USB jump drives that are what people like to be the next replacements for floppy drives. The benefits of them are that you do not need drivers for them, and most (if not all) computers in use today do have USB connections, and windows 98se or higher, Mac OSX, or a Linux based computer that supports USB mass storage devices. The one thing I love about the SD cards was that they not only worked in the card readers on the computers, but also in PDA’s and Digital cameras, and a host of other devices. The one downside to the SD cards was that they were (in fact are) slower then the USB jump drives. And the card readers (even the smallest ones) are considerably larger then a jump drive. The nice thing about the jump drives now, is since most people are buying them, which is helping to drive the price of them down. I still like the SD card for PDA’s and digital cameras but I am starting to move over to the jump drives.

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