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Published on: March 21, 2005

So far as it stands I have not finished working with the VPN yet. I have made some progress, I know which type of VPN I want, and how I am going to do it, I now just have to recompile the Linux kernel to get the stuff I want done, I have not done my own kernel in 6 years as it stands, so I am not getting things as easy as they use to be. Got a warning when I did the “make dep” about it being decrepit (when did that happen) And now that I have the kernel building, I try to boot it, and I must had done something wrong, I am getting a kernel panic because it can not fulfill the kernel paging request, I have a few ideas where the problem is. It just I have not done a custom kernel is such a long time, the last time I did a custom kernel was 98, and I always used the config from that in all kernels after that; I built them using the make oldconfig, that is nice since it only ask you about the stuff that was added to the kernel since the last time you configured it.
So I will have to put the VPN on hold till the weekend again.

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