Napster’s commercial

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Published on: March 9, 2005

I am starting to get really annoyed at the napster commercial, first they are annoying to beginning with, and I am going to go as far to they are engaging in false advertising. Yes it will cost 10K to full fill up the size iPod they are talking about. Also they may cost only $15 a month. But that is $15 a month, for as long as you have the device. I have an iPod, and I am not forced to spend money every month to keep my music. Then there is the fact I have a collection of mp3’s from before I had the iPod that filled up 1/4 of my iPod, again money I did not have to spend. The most I have spent over the past year on my iPod is $66 above the cost of the play (which was free since it was a gift to me from my parents) since I got the iPod Dec of 2003 if I had one of the napster players for the same amount of time I would have spent $240 on it above the player.

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