The Legend of Zelda

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Published on: January 4, 2005

Well a while back I got a game cube. And for Christmas I got a copy of “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” I am still stuck on the first level (ok I have not played that much either, I have maybe done about 1.5 hours of play on it) and I am finding it annoying that I have to sneak around in it. Also it not just the sneaking, you have to hid from the guards in the level, the problem is you don’t have any weapons and there are rats in the level that will attack you and push you out into the guards sight putting you back at the beginning of the level, after you break out of their jail. I just don’t have all that time to invest into the game, so I have yet to solve the level, I read online about the other parts of the game and I would like to see them but for now I am stuck on the first level. I got a few other games for Christmas, it will probably take me a good while to finish them off, another game I got was Turok, I have progressed farther in that game then I have in the Zelda game.

  1. Sara Hopkins says:

    “The Minish Cap” is really cool, but it was hard for me to beat those insane bosses. This is just like “Four Swords”. I am on the last part where you have to turn Princess Zelda back to normal. I could still try to beat it if it hadn’t of been for those stupid Dark Nuts (lol). But overall, I think I give this game an A+.

  2. The four swords was a good game, took me about 2 months to beat. I have not made much prgress on the “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” game since I got busy with alot of other things, and video games are not a high priority for me, they are a nice distraction, but I have not turned on my game cub for 2 months now, I should find some time to power that baby up soon.

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