More on the iPod vs. iTunes problem

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Published on: January 17, 2005

Well I downgraded the iTunes to 4.7 but what ever the update did, it really borked the system. I ended up blasting my iBook (I had nothing on the iBook everything was on the eMac) resetting up the iBook. Downloaded all of my mp3’s to the iBook (the mp3’s use about 50% of the hard disk on the iBook) And that worked.

I tried everything to get the iPod to work on the eMac and nothing worked, I tried resetting the iPod (effectively formatting the iPod) so for a while I did not have any music on the iPod. I did a hard drive scan of the iPod and there were no errors, I checked the promotions on the eMac, again there was no problem there. I could plug the iPod into the eMac with no problems if I deleted iTunes. And I could run iTunes if I did not have iPod plugged in. But this is no solution, so I for now have the iPod on the iBook. For now I will not be buying anymore music from the iTMS until apple fixes the problem with iTunes and I can use my iPod back on my eMac again. The hard disk of the iPod is larger then the hard disk on the iBook, so I don’t want to leave the iPod on the iBook permanently.

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