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Published on: December 6, 2004

Well I am going to start my aquarium back up. So yesterday I got some supplies that I needed to get it going again. I picked up some gravel and under gravel filter. And a new air pump and all the other stuff needed for them. So I put all the stuff together and filled the tank with water. I also put some food in the take to start to prime the aquarium. I hope to get the fish this weekend, I am thinking of getting some Red Eyed Tetras (this is my favorit type of fish), I will need at lest 7 of them since they are a schooling fish and to have few then 7 could be bad for them. I will also need some cat fish, and some kind of algae eater, I don’t want to get a Plecostomus since they grow too large. I like to keep my fish under 2.5 inches.

With my aquarium I usually like to do a rock scape with no plants, but I am thinking I might get 1 or 2 live plants for the tank. I have one area that I have use a lot of larger rocks then as it goes to the other side (which is also down a slight slop I put in the tank) this way I can make 3 different environments in the tank for the fish to have.

When I finish the aquarium I probably will post some pictures of it in my photo section.

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