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Published on: December 21, 2004

Well verizon still has not gotten my DSL connect it been 23 days now, well over the 2 weeks promised. So I decided to call Comcast (the local cable company) and see how much it would be to get cable internet. They said that they could have it in tomorrow, and that they have a slot for noon to 4 open. So I decided to get it, and they were also having a “sale” on the installation fee, instead of the $200 setup fee it was only $20. Not waved like I would love to have had, but still a major reduction. I also made sure I could use Linux and told them I do not have windows. So I signed up, and then called verizon to cancel the DSL and since I only have land line service because I had to have it for the DSL, I canceled the land line too. The only problem with cable service is that it is actually cheaper to have it with some cable service, so I got a $12 basic cable, I am just a bit afraid that I might watch to much TV. Some one suggested a good idea; they said I don’t have to hook up the TV to the cable. I am tempted to do that.

  1. kf3cr says:

    hi mike, how much total is your monthly bill with a cable modem and basic? I am thinking about getting it too.

  2. The Cable modem is $45 and basic cable is $12 so it will be 57. Before the phone was a total of $60 for both the phone and DSL. Both were cancled so I am now saving a total of $3 a month not much but still.

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