The Retreat over the weekend

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Published on: November 21, 2004

This last weekend I went on a retreat with some friends of mine from church. It was a good weekend, very relaxing and refreshing. I took some pictures when I was there. I have put them into 2 groups of pictures. One groups are just the normal every day snapshots that most people would have. The other group is of pictures that we had some fun taking/making we went outside late at night and started to play with the aperture size and the expose time. Well from there we just played with the settings of the camera. I really like how some of the pictures turned out.

  1. John says:

    Did you see the picture of Bishop Michael O’Connor that they have at St. Paul’s? 🙂

    John (who, God willing, will be in the USA four weeks from today).

  2. Yes John I saw the picture, I did find it funny. But you do have to remember that Michael O’Connor is a very popular name, just do a google search for “Michael O’Connor”, there are 97500 hits, for “Michael P. O’Connor” there are 3590 hits. So the chances of me running into another Michael O’Connor are great. When I was a student a Pitt, I had trouble there because I was not the only Michael O’Connor there. You would think that they would have had their computers ready to have more then one person with the same first and last name, but they kept messing things up for me. I did once meet the other Michael O’Connor, briefly but I did see him, that day I misplaced my class ring, and when I tracked it down, some one else found it, and knew the other Mike and gave it to him, he was happy to return it to me. I did find that funny.

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