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Published on: November 8, 2004

Japanese scientist invents ‘invisibility coat’ This could be fun if it worked just a little bit better. He says it is for medical use, but could you imagine what the army could do with this if it worked allot better!! We would not have had to invade Iraq an agent could have walked in and popped off Hussein!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why did you delete my post. I’d like you to tell me one single thing that violated your rules. All I did was explain to you why we cannot assassinate foreign leaders. No swear words or hate or anything. I actually did a good bit of research in order to collect the proper name for the Executive Order. I don’t understand why you would delete that for any reason. It’s information and wasn’t wrapped in hate or anything.

  2. Deleted it because if you look at the section it is in “Hay it is funny” I was making a joke, don’t you get it, I know you can not assasinat some one by US law, but it was a joke, but it seamed to go over your head!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Still, you could have explained that without deleting the post. It was still good information. you could have accepted it, saiud thanks and then procede to tell me what you just did. I see no reason to delete an informative post. Besides, if you want to do things like that. Perhaps you should consider who you are doing them to and not ask them for favors. You certainly won’t be getting any more from me.

  4. No problem Dan. I get IP and finger I know who “Anonymouse” is. I get the IP of who posts comments here, and I can use finger to get a name off of a linux box.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Duh. Congrats. You type that up to almost make yourself sound like you did something unbelieveable. I was wondering how long it would take. Beside’s there was no reason to delete the post. I thought it was intelligent, informative and well written.

    Congrats on the Sluething. 😉

  6. I had known since the 2nd. And I would not call it sleuthing I just call it cut and past. I just saying why sign it anonymous when the info is so easy to get.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why give my name when it’s not needed? Also, your post didn’t exactly reflect a whole lot of information gathering. I was just trying to help you understand why we can’t do that. I wasn’t asking for smart ass retorts. You try and come off as a tough guy on your blog. Is this your self-empowerement tool? We both know just about how far the whole “tough-guy” persona comes across is real life.

  8. I was not looking for a “tough-guy” persona. I just post either, jokes maybe they are not funny at times, maybe this one was not funny at all, or things I think from my POV. Also some Pictures I take around the place. I do not want to go for a “tough-guy” persona because that is not me; I am a weakling I do not deny that, I also have to get into shape a bit more. This was a joke, I saw a post (at the first post I usually don’t look at IP’s) that did not take it as a joke, I did not want this taken seriously so I deleted. I don’t see how that is trying to be a “tough-guy”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nevermind Michael. I came here a few weeks ago with the intentions of having a conversation. A conversation where we exchange idea’s thoughts etc. Kinda like we had a few months ago when we first met. We exchanged alot of ideas and I found yours to be…different from mine. i started posting here with opinions, thoughts and things like that to see if we could have a debate of sorts. You deleted every single one of my posts. Nearly all were well written and informative and all were ones that you could not refute, so instead of trying to sway me or presenting your own opinion, you simply deleted mine. Thus, I got pissed and started spoofing my IP and posting mean things. Why? because if you won’t allow a post that follows your rules, I figure I’ll just start posting things that don’t follow. Both will be deleted anyways. I’ve given this address to many many people and some have come around and posted things and we’ve all had a laugh. I am done laughing Michael. You contradict yourself in every imaginable way and so a debate of any sort or any kind of exchange with you is impossible. You only allow those that feel the same as you to post and not others that feel differently or that question why you feel the way you do. It’s quite pathetic and I no longer have interest in making an ass of you. You make an ass of yourself and I know this. Your other readers will probably never know this and that is ok. They live in the same little world that you do and censorship of anything you don’t like 100% is purely acceptable.

  10. I will admit that that first conversation was good and I did enjoy it. I admit I don’t remember those posts, it is possible I deleted in hast. I will admit I have deleted all posts that I have disagreed with here, I do not deny that. But I also view virtual space like I view physical space, I see this site as my home on the web, and I believe that the same rules that apply at my physical home apply here. Maybe by leaving comments open I have given a false impression on my intent of the http://www.mikeoconnor.net site, the intent of this site was not to have an open debate, but to let my friends see what I was up to and make a few comments. I have a few friends and a family member that I don’t get to talk to much anymore since they are over seas, I have one who is studying abroad in Russia, and my sister is in Austria, those are part of my target audience, I never believed that I would convince any one on the other side of issues with my mikeoconnor.net site, nor did I ever write with said intention. If that had been my goal I would have written completely differently. Maybe I should leave politics out of my blog; it would cut down on some hostilities. I am not perfect, heck no who is alive today is.
    I don’t know but is it even remotely possible we can ignore the last few weeks that happened at this site.

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