First Friday at First Trinity

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Published on: November 5, 2004

That was fun, tonight we had our “First Friday at First Trinity” I tried to make my mothers lose lasagna. I did not do well at it; I was very dissatisfied with it. Some of the others said it was good, but I was not happy with out it turned out, it did not taste right, it tasted fine, but it was nothing like my mothers.

Then after dinner we got down to the games. Did some poker (tournament style no real money used though, just chips and each person got the same amount to start with). Then I taught some of them a lesson on “Super Smash Bros. Melee. Then a game of pool with Matt.

After the game of pool with Matt, they had conspired to get me with a surprise, since my birthday is on the 9th. So they claimed that they were having network problems in the student study area. This is believable, since the other night I used the hub from there in another location, they did not know this though. So when I go in there to look I start to look up where the hub belongs, and start talking about what could be wrong. Then I look down at the desk and see this giant birthday card, and I turn and say “I am going to get you” at that point they start to sing the B-day song.

  1. Erica Evans says:

    Yay…happy birthday…and the food was good.

  2. You have to admit that that was classic mike.

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