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Published on: October 23, 2004

Why do I spend so much time on Slashdot? It is fun at times, but for the most part it’s sophomoric for the most part. I should start trying to wean my self of Slashdot. It is in my best interest. But for some reason I always go back to it, it is like it is some sort of sick addiction. I think all I really want is a good discussion board that I can hang out. Before I hung out a Slashdot I would hang out at the boards over at MSNBC, they had a very good technology BB there. I do miss those BBs over at MSNBC. If any one know of a good technology board please post a link here for me to look at, and maybe I could spend time there instead of Slashdot.

  1. Maphesto says:

    I recommend Ars Technica. There other alternatives in
    “Quit Slashdot.org Today!”

  2. Thank you, I will have to look around those sites.

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