The video is back up

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Published on: October 20, 2004

I have put the video back up on line, I hope that the traffic from slashdot has died down some. I am not going to put a link right to the file here, just to keep things light. But it should still be on the front page, if not go to the Technology section to find it, it is under that entry labeled “CMU’s Robotics Institute” Sorry I had to take it down, it was burning allot of bandwidth, and I figured I would let a few days pass before I put it back up.

  1. Kevin says:

    I posted a link to here from a robot news blog I have. It gets minimal traffic so it shouldn’t be a bandwidth issue. Definitely not a repeat of the slashdot effect. I can delete the link if you ask..thanks!

  2. It should not be a problem. thanks for the link to my site too.

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