Return of the boxes.

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Published on: October 10, 2004

Well for the last 2 weeks, after church, I have gotten a friend of mine, from church, to help me move boxes from my apartment to a room in the church for temporary storage till I move. Today we got another load of boxes, a small one but still. He also dropped of a bunch of collapsed boxes for me to us. I have filled 7 of them up. This is were some insanity starts, I have a box full of boxes, small consumer electronic boxes, but still a box full of boxes.

I never realized I had so much stuff. We have almost filled up the entire storage room at the church. There is going to come a time when we have filled up said room and I will have to stop moving stuff there. But thank goodness I move on Nov 27. The new place is much much bigger then my current place. Also it has a separate bed room, the main room is 2 to 3 times bigger then my current apartment. Even if the main room of the new place was the same size as my current place, with the addition of a bedroom for my bed and burro, it will be a major amount of freed up room.

As I pack up my stuff, I continue to rearrange the stuff that is left here. To give myself a bit more room to live in while I am still at this apartment. So here is a bit of a double count down as of October 10 of 2004. in 30 days I will 28 years old and in 47 days I will be in my new apartment.

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