Boom that hurt

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Published on: October 18, 2004

Ok here is the final total, I have moved the video file for now but here is the total before the move of the file: 51839.16 Megabytes (Yes that is about 50Gb, I bet my hosting company loves me now) So for the next 2 days I will not have that video up to save bandwidth, that is untill the slashdot affect is over.

  1. Reader says:

    You might want to post a Coral link instead:


  2. I would but I tryed that and it does not have the video anymore. But Thanks for the idea.

  3. Reader says:

    That’s because you are no longer posting the link. Coral is a caching network: it doesn’t keep things around indefinately. If you put the file up on a different URL, and just post the Coralized version, then it would work…

    (or keep the same URL, but just check the User-Agent if CoralWebPrx, and issue a redirect to Coral if it isn’t….

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