A bit of moving the computers around

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Published on: October 23, 2004

Today (tonight) I figured I needed to move some of my computers around. I put the windows box next to the Linux box. I did this because I use x2vnc to control the windows box mainly, but having them on 2 different desks meant that I had to turn around when I started to use the windows box. So I took the eMac off of the desk that has the Linux LCD, and put the windows LCD here along with a few other things, I then moved the eMac over to where the windows box use to reside. I just can not do x2vnc on the Mac box, vnc on the Mac is still not up to par in the speed area, the mouse would just jerk around the screen. Now I have the 1 keyboard and mouse for both the Linux box and the windows box. They are connected to the Linux box and then jump to the windows box over the network when I need to control the windows box.

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