Point State Park

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Published on: September 24, 2004

Today before I went to the ball field to help out with the Bush campaign I tried to see if I could go down to the point of point state park, it was closed. So I passed on and went to the park and helped out with the campaign. Well after we finished I went down to the north shore walking area, and looked over (it was dark by this time) and I saw a boat up on the walk way over at the point. I am going to go down to the north shore again tomorrow some time with my camera and get a picture and post it here. The flooding over the weekend (I am glad I was not here) really did some damage to the area, the north shore was still cover in mud. If you look at this picture here, taken a long time ago, the whole of the picture, if I took it now, would show mud tree branches and other debri. I will take some pictures of it tomorrow, if I get the chance, and post them here. The place was a mess, I should have taken my camera today.

But it looks like the city is being unreasonable to the poor boat owners. But at lest it looks like the state is being understanding. They 1) having the landfills stay open later so people can clean up longer and 2) allowing even unlicensed dumpers to take stuff there. I love Pittsburgh but the leaders of the city are idiots. PA is a good place, and the leaders are showing some compassion to the flood victumes.

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