Pictures, scan, over use of OSes

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Published on: September 28, 2004

OK I got a scanner today (got it for $40 at best buy, I had some certificates from them from their “rewards program” cost $10 to get it, and I got $40 from it ]hay it payed for itself] So I went to best buy today and picked up a scanner priced at $80) Now I am in the middle of scanning all my old photos to the computer. But here is the kicker for it. I put the scanner on the windows box. the “My Documents” on windows is really mounted from my Linux box. Then I plan on importing all the photos into iPhotos on the Mac. Talk about making use of a home network. I am probably the only person that will (and can) make use of 3 OSes just for one take (getting my old pictures scanned into iPhoto).

Now do I want to post any of these pictures, I don’t know I wonder what my readers think.

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