Oh Well First

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Published on: September 30, 2004

It turns out the hard drive has some bad blocks on it, so I need to first format the file systems myself out side of the installer, since the installer does not have the option to check for bad blocks, that generated some errors on the beginning of the install. So I just started the format of the file systems in “rescue mode” and then when I do the install I will not format the file systems since they would have been formated outside of the installer and should be ready for the installer to do its work with it. Also any one that would like to remind me not to store any data on this computer because the drive might be failing, I already know that, most of its file systems will be mounted via the network, and the few files that I will need on it that are not mounted on the network will be backed up on a daily bases because since the hard drive is starting to have problems, it could mean that the death of the hard drive is pending. Or it could be nothing other then a drop just damaged the hard drive in a few areas, it is a laptop, and it was in my backpack when the strap gave out and crashed to the ground. Only time will tell if the bad sectors start to spread then the hard drive is on its way out, if not, it was from the drop.

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