My visit with Trish

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Published on: September 18, 2004

Today Trish and I went on a farm tour today, it cover a few of the farms that they have here just outside of Findlay, OH. It was a bit interesting to see some of the ways they keep the animals that we will soon eat. We stopped at an apple orchard, there I got a bag and picked a few apples from the trees (I love apples). Tomorrow is her churches picnic and we are thinking of going there tomorrow.

One thing I found out today, is boy do farms where they raise live stock stink. Pigs were the most pronounced of the stimulants to the nose.

And tonight I made some food for her. I made Kielbasa and pierogies. The one thing that got me was out here they don’t seam to know about pierogies. Trish had said she did not hear of them before, and when I was looking for them in walmart (I figured I would have the best bet of finding them there since it is a national store) they were hard to find. When I asked someone where they were, they had never heard of them. But I did finally find them. I made them the way I usually make them. That is I will boil them and cook the kielbasa in difference pan. When the pierogies are finished boiling, I will put some butter in the pan with the kielbasa and drop all the pierogies in the pan. then just mix it all together. I find it has always turned out good (even the times I burn them, I am glad I did not burn them tonight)

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