What ever happend to the Linux community

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Published on: August 16, 2004

I wonder what ever happened to the Linux community. When I started to use Linux back in 97 there was a good community for it. If you had problems you could just go to any #Linux chat room and get help, or any usenet for Linux. Now if you go to a #Linux chat room you will see a bunch of people in there just saying the same thing “ya I run Linux”, “it is the greatest”, or “look at me I am 37337”. I bet if you were to do a nmap of their hosts you would find many of them are on XP. And don’t even think of asking for help in there, you will probably get something like “oh, you need help with that, that is so simple, I banish you from this room”. I remember back in 97 when I first stated Linux I went into #Linux on the undernet, because I could not get Linux on the internet. I went in at 10pm and got help there, some guy who went by the handle of iostream (I still love that handle) spent 6 hours in there as he gave me advice, and I would reboot to Linux try, fail then reboot into windows and give him what happened, well at 4 I finally got Linux to connect to the internet and got into the room and let him know that it was working, you will NEVER see that now. Don’t get me wrong I still love Linux as an OS, but I just don’t like where the community is going, or where it is now.

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