The new Mac

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Published on: August 12, 2004

Well the eMac has come and I have setup it up. It did a great job of getting all my files off of the iBook, even the setting and program files came over. So I went ahead and deleted all the music and photos off of the iBook to save some hard disk room on the iBook. I have the screen set to a resolution of 1280×1024, it look so good to me. The only problem I am facing now is where to put the last computer when it finally gets here from gateway. Well for now if you want you can see a picture of my current setup

Now is that not a great setup for now, from left to right are the following OS’es Linux, Mac OS X, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows. The second to the last box is not really mine, it belongs to CMU, but I bring it home to do work. The last box is for the palm pilot, talking with Trish on YM, and Quicken. I am thinking Linux or BSD on the gateway when it comes, unless I find something (or hear of/ or read in my comments) of something that catches my fancy.

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