Keeping the web site up todate

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Published on: August 16, 2004

I though I could mount my ftp site for my web site on my Linux box, I found a program called lufs. It promises to be able to mount file different systems as a file system on a Linux box. I tried it out, but I kept getting the following messages in my system logs “could not resolve host”. And I kept losing contact with the server. I just need to find a way to keep two copies of my web site in sync, a local copy and a remote copy (the copy you are looking at.) If any one knows of a good program for keeping files for a web site on Linux in sync I would love to hear about it, just leave a comment and point me to it, and I will take a look at it. Right now I can use Midnight commander to read and write my files over ftp, but it is not emacs, and I am a big fan of emacs for any time of editing be it C++ programming or HTML or PHP (well for when I learn PHP)

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